The August 21st, 2017 gives us the history-making opportunity for the whole United States. On a particular day, every person in the regions like Hawaii and Alaska will get a chance to observe the partial solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse 2017 Oregon:

During this event, the moon will come front of the Sun. Individuals can find the path of totality which stretches from Oregon to South Carolina. In this day, we can notice the wispy wonders of the solar corona.

National Solar Observatory Found a way to Observe the Shape of Solar Corona During the Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017:

National Solar Observatory Found a way to Observe the Shape of Solar Corona
National Solar Observatory Found a way to Observe the Shape of Solar Corona

Dr.Gordon Petrie is the member of the National Solar Observatory. He said that the corona resembles the fuzzy halo structure around the sun.

At first glance, the Sun will have the magnetic field. This scenario will remind us more of the middle-school experiment. There will be the research regarding the magnetic effect. When we sprinkle the iron filings over the bar magnet, we will observe the butterfly shape. It is far more complicated if we observe it.

We can predict the same as we do exactly one solar rotation staying away from the solar eclipse. If we are lucky, we can observe the large active region.

2017 Eclipse Path:

People can find the faint, straight structures which protrude out from the north and south poles of the Sun. Scientists named it as the polar plumes. Individuals can find the brighter bulbs of materials which are closer to the equator. Researchers named it as the helmet streamers.

All the magnetic field will be present in the Sun. It protrudes through the surface and leaves the marks, and we can find them as sunspots. As we cannot directly notice the magnetic fields, use the super-heated glasses to observe the scene. Manufacturers will do this super-heated glasses by taking the Sun’s atmosphere into consideration. Using them, we can trace out the magnetic field lines. They will resemble the role of iron filings in the bar magnet experiment.

The solar corona is the outermost layer of the Sun’s atmosphere under the normal circumstances. A bright solar surface will hide from this scenario from the view. The solar eclipse will block the surface and permits the corona to shine through.

Dr.David Bobaltz is the National Science Foundation’s program officer in the NSO. He explained saying the corona will change its shape. It is different during the solar maximum when we compare it with the solar minimum.

The shape of the Corona:

In 2012 maximum solar eclipse, the corona looks like a spiky ring. It is located around the entire sun. We can see this near the equator which is different near the North and South poles of the Sun.

The 2017 eclipse will provide us the unique opportunity to notice the corona. We can see it for more than 90 minutes. It is longer than the typical eclipse. Meanwhile, NSO is getting prepared to modify the look of the solar corona. NSO is the dominant maker of the NSF-funded Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope.

For the very first time, Scientists will measure the magnetic fields in the solar corona directly. The director of the NSO said that the solar corona is largely an enigma.

The one thing that we can do is to compare the high-resolution images of the solar corona. DKIST will measure the magnetic fields in the corona.


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