As per the recent announcements of Jio made the JioPhone. It initiated other telecom companies and device makers to invent the new device to rival with Jio. Some companies released the new feature phones which deliver its support to the 4G and to compete with the JioPhone.

JioPhone vs. Intex Turbo 4G+ :

JioPhone vs Intex Turbo 4G+
JioPhone vs Intex Turbo 4G+

Few brands like Micromax and Lava already owned a firm to manufacture the feature phone and to release them in the India market. Now the Brands that are circulating the media is the Intex. It is going to compete with the JioPhone with its new Index Turbo 4G+ phone.

Many of the tech viewers and media portals are addressing the JioPhone as the ‘next big thing’ that will happen in the feature phones. With the arrival of the new Intex Turbo 4G+, there are a lot of questions in the mind of the customers. Still, can we consider the JioPhone as the leader in the market even after the Intex Turbo 4G+ entry?

Here is the comparison between the JioPhone and Intex Turbo specifications. It will suggest you which phone is better to buy.

Design and Display:

Both the devices have the very identical specifications on the display front. The JioPhone features the 2.4-inch QVGA resolution display which is more than enough for the customers to browse the primary content. We can watch the videos using one of the apps which are present in this phone.

Intex also released the Intex Turbo 4G+ smartphone, and it has the same size and resolution as the Jio Phone. So there is nothing for us to distinguish the two phones. It is tough for us to judge the best one from both the devices. It is tough to find the ergonomics, material quality, and other design constraints with the limited information that they made available for us.


It is unreasonable to expect the extreme power and high storage capacity. If you look for these two qualities mainly, then pick the smartphone rather than the feature phone.

A 1.2GHz dual-core processor runs the Jio phone. It may include the Qualcomm or Spreadtrum. The Intex will also have the same power.

Jio Phone contains the forked version of the Firefox OS, and we can call it as the KaiOS. It is unknown about the operating system on the Intex Turbo + 4G. As per the few leading OS developers statements that the Intex possesses the best offerings on their feature phone.


Even though they are several rumours circulated the media both the phones features 512 MB of RAM. Manufacturers developed these phones by keeping the processor and the RAM in mind. They are assuring that they will deliver the best performance.


Customers can use the 4GB RAM of internal storage on both the devices. It is enough for us to store the essential apps, images and a few music files. If we want to extend the storage further, we can do it using the microSD card. Both the phones can deliver their support to the external memory.


A 3-megapixel rear camera is present in the JioPhone while the Intex Turbo + 4G contains the 2-megapixel rear shooter. However, the smartphone makers made these phones to cater the most basic functionality. Both the devices will possess the small and low-resolution screens.


A gigantic 2000mAh battery is present in the Intex Turbo + 4G feature phone. Still, it is unclear about the battery in the Jio Phone. We can use the Intex 2000mAh battery for several days only by having the single charge.


Intex launched the Intex Turbo + 4G phone at Rs 1500. We can buy the Jio Phone at free of cost. Jio asked the customers to pay the Rs 1500 during the purchasing time, and they will return the amount after the three years. To buy these phones, we have to spend Rs 1500. However, we can get back the money of the Jio phone after the completion of three years.


Manufacturers loaded the Jio phone with free Live TV, Online Music, Online Movies, and with several other services.

We will lose these options if we buy the Intex Turbo + 4G.

The Jio Phone + 4G features the NFC ability to make the digital payments. Meanwhile, the Intex Turbo does not include this unique characteristic. People may run the particular version of the Whatsapp on the Jio Phone. If the Whatsapp version runs on the Jio Phone then no doubt it will become the best deal for the users.

If we do not want to stick with the same Jio network continuously for the three years in the future, then go for the Intex Turbo + 4G instead of Jio phone. Meanwhile, the Intex Turbo + 4G phone includes the app store. It will facilitate users to download the several third party apps to the smartphone.


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