The report stated, on Thursday the security solution company eScan in the 36-page report that the Xiaomi Android ROM. The various bugs affect the safety of user data. The Xiaomi system apps such the uninstall mechanism and Mi Mover were some of the bugs aspects of the MIUI.  The Chinese smartphone company has false the allegations.

MIUI is riddled with security flaws, Xiaomi has claimed in response to eScan:


The Xiaomi spokesperson in an emailed statement told all of the eScan’s security data are valid. The illegals gain physical access to the unlocked smartphone. A scenario places user data at the great risk. Xiaomi pointe the addition of login layers that introduces in the customer data migration app Mi Mover. Its recommendation of users to utilise the lock screen security feature like PINs, the fingerprint sensor and pattern locks.

Xiaomi spokesperson’s full statement:

In this report, eScan claims the “ Xiaomi system apps have unknowing to introduces the multiple bugs into the functional working of the many apps. The operational aspects the Android work apps and Anti-Theft security apps affected the uninstall procedure implement on Xiaomi. The MI Mover app assists the user’s data migration poses the significant threats in the installed apps. Xiaomi alone cannot hold to responsible the app developers. Also equally responsible for the not taking consideration that there existed in vast possibilities. The officials compromised the application of the app-system-storage. It surprising the app developers never realised the data, they are storing on the app-system-storage on rooted mobile phones. The Xiaomi’s MI Mover allows the customer copies the all their data. It goes one step to ahead and copies the app-system-storage areas too.”

The eScan report that the uninstallation procedure implemented by the Security Apps. It adversely affects on the Xiaomi phones. The app based on the guidelines provide the implementing the Android for the works.  It affected the improper implementation of the uninstallation procedure on Xiaomi phones.

The eScan admits the physical access to the unlocks device requires for its concerns to apply. The precautions do Xiaomi device customers have to take into the consideration when handling their device. The service centre employees and with anti-theft security mechanisms affect.


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