T-Mobile and AT & T are coming with a much cheaper smartphone.

For all those customers who think twice, thrice before getting a smartphone, here is some good news from T-Mobile and AT&T. They are coming up with smartphones that are way on a budget.

T-Mobile and AT & T
T-Mobile and AT & T

Features of the new smartphones:

These smartphones from the top carriers come with way more features as that of the older flagship devices. It wouldn’t be wise to compare the flagship devices that cost a mountain with these new devices. But, get glad! These devices can very well match to the flagships that came a few years back.

Regarding chip, camera, screen size – these are slightly above the average devices. Well! Isn’t that enough for basic use. You cannot take 4K videos with these. But, general camera uses are way well working.

The T-Mobile and AT&T deals for customers:

Revvl is the smartphone from T-Mobile. This is made by Alcatel. But goes with the carrier itself. Anyone can get the Revvl at $5 per month. Isn’t this easy to deal with?

However, if you feel $5 for a month is not your pocket, how about $4 per month? You can get LG’s mid-tier K20 model from AT & T for as less as $4 per month.

Andy Smoak, AT&T’s assistant vice president for device product marketing, said, “Value phones are one of the fastest growing segments in our portfolio.”

T-Mobile’s Revvl:

Revvl is the first owned device from T-Mobile. This takes T-Mobile into the smartphone world. After the invasion of all those flagships in the market seems like a budget phone is inevitable and also irresistible.

The specifications of Revvls can easily attract anyone who is planning a new device. You get a 5.5-inch screen, 2GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel camera. The processor is quad-core and is unnamed. And, if you are looking for additional fun – here it is. Revvl comes with a fingerprint sensor.

Leasing Revvl:

Additional news is that you are not buying Revvl. TY-Mobile is leasing it to you at $5 per month. Of course, there is no down payment. T-Mobile gives you SmartPicks. Here, you can exchange your device for every 30 days. T-Mobile has a bunch of budget phones to change from. So, this way, every month, you should have a device that works.

In case your Revvl goes unusable after your one year of handling, you give just $60 from your pocket. The JUMP program from t-Mobile should allow you to earn an upgraded device after a said period.


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