1 GB with 30 GB declared: fake cheap SSDs from China entered the world market


Inside are two small memory cards

Large capacity SSDs are getting cheaper all the time, but experts warn that there are still some deals on the market that are too good to be true.

In particular, security expert Ray Redacted bought a 30TB external SSD on AliExpress for $31.40, which is also available on Walmart’s website for $39. Inside this “solid state drive” were two small capacity microSD cards on a board with USB 2.0 support. This card’s firmware has been modified so that each of these cards reports their capacity to the operating system as 15TB, for a total of 30TB, although the actual capacity of the cards is much less (512MB each).

Fake SSDs
Fake SSDs

Moreover, the device skillfully deceives users who think that it works. The gadget keeps “copying” all your data, just constantly overwriting it on tiny microSD cards. Everything will look fine until you go to the copied data and find that it’s not there.

As a result, the expert gives advice based on common sense: when buying drives online, stick to well-known brands and buy from reliable sellers and “know that if a deal seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is.”

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