100 IMAX Enhanced movies coming in the next 12 months says Sony


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:42 pm

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) will release at least 100 IMAX Enhanced films over the next 12 months (and many more in the years to follow). The official announcement also specifies the territories involved in this initiative: North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Before continuing we take a small step back. What is IMAX Enhanced? Behind this wording lies a certification program that includes both devices capable of reproducing the contents (televisions) and the films themselves, which are remastered in Ultra HD and HDR while for audio we rely on a variant of the DTS: X.

IMAX Enhanced movies

When you play an IMAX Enhanced title on a compatible product, such as some Sony TVs, you use a special video mode to ensure a faithful vision to the intentions of the director (HERE you can find more information). IMAX Enhanced can be used on both Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and streaming. The latter option is available in Global.

The IMAX Enhanced content library currently includes titles like ” Spider-Man: Far From Home “, ” Jumanji: The Next Level “, ” Spider-Man: Homecoming “, ” Venom “, ” Bad Boys For Life “, ” Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle “,” Spider-Man: A New Universe “,” Fire Squad – Fire Nightmare “,” Men In Black: International “,” Zombieland – Double Hit “,” An Extraordinary Friend (A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood) “,” Little Women “(2019) and”Charlie’s Angels “(2019).

Pete Wood, Senior Vice President of SPE, New Digital Distribution, said:

We are excited to announce the expansion of our support for the IMAX Enhanced program with hundreds of additional titles chosen from those in the SPE catalog, as well as unpublished titles for first-class home entertainment. The success achieved by SPE with the collaboration of IMAX and DTS has prompted us to significantly increase our commitment and the amount of content to meet the growing demand for entertainment in the MAX Enhanced format. Today’s agreement highlights how important SPE believes it is to offer high-quality visual experiences such as those that IMAX Enhanced is able to guarantee to the most demanding consumers. Always at the forefront of providing exceptional content to viewers, wherever they are, the

Patrick McClymont , Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of IMAX Corporation, added:

Today’s announcement represents a critical step for IMAX Enhanced as Sony Pictures Entertainment, IMAX and DTS will continue to work hand in hand to redefine high quality home entertainment. The SPE catalog offers our fans access to an unprecedented and constantly expanding library with films for all tastes. We look forward to continuing to give impetus on all fronts, working tirelessly with our main partners – consumer electronics and streaming – to offer cutting-edge technologies and fruition of content to consumers all over the world.

Bill Neighbors, Xperi Senior Vice President & General Manager, Cinema, Home, Digital Media & Streaming Solutions, commented:

IMAX Enhanced continues to experience extraordinary support and participation from partners across the ecosystem as demand for engaging content and entertainment experiences continues to grow. While consumers are looking for new and different ways to enjoy their favorite content, SPE’s rich content library fits perfectly with IMAX Enhanced, preserving the best viewing, sound and adaptation quality for home cinema for entertainment. exceptional inside the houses.


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