144 Hz and 720 Hz. Black Shark 4 received an overclocked screen Redmi K40


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:54 pm

Frame rate – 144 Hz instead of 120 Hz

Black Shark has published a new teaser, in which we are talking about the screen of models of the Black Shark 4 line. The inscriptions indicate that the frame rate is 144 Hz, and the polling rate of the sensor layer is 360 Hz. At the same time, a local insider said that the screen of the Black Shark 4 is exactly the same as that of the Redmi K40 – Samsung E4.

Black Shark 4
Black Shark 4

144 Hz and 720 Hz. Black Shark 4 received an overclocked screen Redmi K40

This means that the device uses an energy efficient AMOLED matrix, and the front camera will be embedded. As for the difference in display characteristics ( 120 Hz / 360 Hz for Redmi K40 versus 144 Hz / 720 Hz for Black Shark 4), this is due to the “overclocking” of the screen of the latter to better meet the requirements of those who like to play on a smartphone.

Recall that the official premiere of Black Shark 4 will take place on March 23 . The series smartphones are assigned 4500 mAh batteries with support for 120 W fast charging. In the usual Black Shark 4, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 platform is expected, in the top-end Black Shark 4 Pro – the Snapdragon 888.

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