Google and Huawei Against Bootlooping and Battery issues on the Nexus 6P:


Problems faced by the customers:

The customers are facing the problem with LG’s high-end models.The biggest problems the customers facing are boot looping and battery issues. LG G4, LG G5, LG V10, LG V20 and NEXUS 5X are on this matter. Recently Nexus 6P is also added under this category. Huawei manufactured Nexus 6P.The Google and Huawei made smartphones facing this boot loop cycle problems.This issue makes the device useless. In addition to boot loop, the Nexus 6P users facing problems with battery backup also. Huawei and Google are the manufacturers of the problem facing smartphones. Huawei will look after hardware type issues, and Google is looking software issues.They say that the problem encounters after losing the warranty period.

Case filed against Google and Huawei:

The Northern California federal court filed a case against Google and Huawei. The plaintiffs argue that boot looping makes the phone pricey paperweight. The users say that the companies neither gave any public acknowledgment nor taken any responsibility. They refuse to repair the devices. The plaintiffs are supporting Huawei and Google companies saying they know about the problem and trying to produce handset.

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Users should follow the steps while draining the battery:

Google and Huawei gave the temporary solutions. They are:

Find Battery Draining Apps: If we met with battery backup problem first check the battery apps. Go to setting and check the battery configuration.Check what affecting the battery whether it is Operating System(OS) problem.Turn off the Bluetooth option if it is in active mode.

If the user is performing multi-tasking, then press “Force Stop” to improve battery backup.Sometimes the apps called Snapchat, and Facebook also creates battery problems.Finally boot into the safe mood, which connects to the third-party applications.

  • Check Account Sync: Sometimes third party apps like Skype will also create problems with the battery.
  • Disable Unused Services: Try to close all the available windows and turn off unused services.
  • Restart the Nexus: Try to reset the device which we are using.
  • Auto brightness: Decrease the brightness to save the battery life.
  • Turn off the cache partition: It will show the small problems after a software update.
  • Factory Reset Nexus device: Wipe off all unwanted files.
  • Download Marshmallow: This will help us to install the version manually upon our interest.

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