Many people often think that the mobile phones cause cancer. It results in the health loss and creates many diseases. Here is the list of health risks that are caused due to the cell phones and we should be aware of that.

Facts about Mobile Phones: Cell Phone Problems

Facts about Mobile Phones, Cell Phone Radiation Cancer
Facts about Mobile Phones, Cell Phone Radiation Cancer

Cell Phone Radiation Cancer: Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer

It is hard to observe the person who does not have the cell phone. After considering the research results, we should maintain some distance from the phone. National University for Food conducted the research. The radiations that came from the mobile phones will cause the dangerous diseases like cancer.

The radiations emitted from the wireless device leads to metabolic imbalance. It will cause many neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. The researchers named this imbalance as the oxidative stress. According to the research, these radiations will have the bad impact on the health

Sleep disorder:

This situation will happen when we are not able to sleep properly. The sleep is the worth to our health. It will give the overall development to the body, and with sleeping, we can perform many actions relating to our mind and body.

If you have a sweet sleep, then our mind will get rest, and Good Sleep is necessary. It will cause many diseases if we do not have a regular sleep. The research report says that the mobile is the primary reason for not having sleep. At the night time, the mobile ringtone sound and vibrations will create disturbance during the sleeping pattern and leads the sleep disorder.


While traveling, we will check our phone aggressively. The mobile phones will cause the potential distraction while driving or crossing the road. According to the WHO reports, the traffic accidents count is increasing 3 to 4 times due to the mobile usage.

Heart Diseases:

The radiations not only cause cancer but also leads to the chronic diseases like heart problems. Researchers say that the emissions released from the phones, mobile phones will create the abnormalities to the heart. They stated that they will result in the reduction of the red blood cells (RBC), and cardiac complications.


Due to this infertility, the men will face many problems in their lifestyle choices. There will be the harmful effect on the reproductive system. At present days, the mobile technology is the essential part of the life. Unfortunately, it causes the negative impact on our health and primarily to our fertility.

As per the reports, the sperm count will decrease for the people who spent their lot of time before the mobile phones. It may cause infertility.

Hear Impairments:

Currently, many people are using the earphones during their journey times, even while crossing the road. It results in the loss of hearing in youth and adults. Mobile radiations are the one which makes the people deaf. The cell phones emit the electromagnetic waves that result in having the hearing problems.

A study shows that the people who were present in the phone call for about 2 hours each day were more prone to weaker hearing compared to those who were moderate users (10-20 minutes).


Using the mobile phones, many people will read the books, do web surfing, etc.

While doing this, the bright screen and the small font size will put a lot of stress on our eyes mainly when we are studying in the dark. Mobile devices contain the smaller screen and decrease the blinking time of your eyes. It may result in having the dry eyes, irritation, and reddishness of our eyes.

Skin allergies:

Many mobile phones will have the metal glow which makes them attractive. The phones are the main reason for having the skin allergies, such as nickel, chromium, and cobalt. These may affect the phone dermatitis. Recently scientists did the survey on the cell phones and found that there are the nickel and cobalt.

As per the survey results, nearly 29.4 percent of BlackBerry models contains the nickel. The 90.5 percent of the flip phones feature the metal. About 52 percent of flip phones have the cobalt content.


The mobile devices include the millions of infectious organisms. In a study, they found that the phones contain the excessive yield along with the early roots. It is the residence for several microbes like E-coli (causes the vomiting and diarrhea). They also lead to staphylococcus aureus (results in the skin infection).


If you are always near the mobile phones for 24/7, then there will be the rapidly growing level of stress. The cell phones increase the hyper alertness situation.

We always want to be connected to our friends through social media and other networking sites through our phones, and this leads to growth in blood pressure, heart rate and stress, as well as a decline in mental performance.

Individuals always want to stay connected with their friends via social media and by other networking sites. It leads to the growth of the blood pressure, heart rate and stress. It declines the mental performance.


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