5 things you should know before doing Reset your Android mobile


With the current power of mobiles, and careful use to avoid viruses and others, Android requires less and less formatting. However, you may want to reset your Android from the factory at some point, either to leave everything as new or to transfer it to someone.

The process is simple, and your mobile will be just like out of the box, but many people never reset their smartphone for fear of various things. There are many myths around this topic, and that is why we want to show you the reality. How? Well, teaching you five things you should know before resetting your Android factory.

Resetting the mobile does not erase all the information on the micro SD card

This is perhaps the biggest fear of users, losing their information. It turns out that when you reset Android, the only thing that gets completely erased is the internal storage. Only the files strictly related to Android are deleted from the micro SD card, while the rest are intact, so you should not worry.

This way, you can always back up your photos, videos, and more to removable storage without fear. However, there are better ways to back up all your data. And if for some reason you left something important in the internal storage, you can always go to these tools to help you recover them.

You do not lose the warranty when you factory reset your mobile

factory reset your mobile
factory reset your mobile

If it is an option that is openly available in the settings menu, without warning notices and so on, why should I? This is perhaps the second biggest concern of users when formatting their mobile phone at the factory.

Factory reset your Android is fully allowed, and you will not lose the warranty in any way. In addition, the only options available as standard on Android that violate the mobile warranty are in the development options. These are advanced features that you shouldn’t touch without knowing what you’re doing, and even then almost none violate the warranty terms.

Resetting your phone doesn’t remove updates

Another very common doubt is that users fear to lose their mobile updates when they are reset. However, this does not happen in any way, since otherwise, you would be facing a downgrade and not a reset.

When you factory reset, Android all it does is go back to its base state, with just what Google and the manufacturer decided to install for that firmware. In this way, if you were on Android 10 and your mobile originally came with Android 9 Pie and then updated, you will continue on Android 10.

There is no danger of damaging the phone by resetting it, if you do things correctly

The factory reset of Android is a very safe option, and the chances of damaging your phone are almost non-existent. Despite that, that reliability also depends a little on you. In no way do you abruptly interrupt the restoration process, since you will get involved.

Likewise, a general recommendation before carrying out a reset, update or installation of a custom ROM, is to have the phone well charged. With this, you also avoid the previous paragraph, and it should be enough to avoid problems.

By resetting your device you will recover all the factory pre-installed applications

As you know, both Google and manufacturers include a series of applications pre-installed on your mobile. You’ll always find them unless you use an AOSP- based ROM, and they’re part of the customization each company brings to their vision of the Android experience.

These pre-installed apps can be removed or disabled, and when you do an update they rarely return without authorization. But when you do a factory reset you basically say to your mobile “I want this version of Android as the manufacturer originally intended.”

Thus, the operating system understands that you want everything as standard, and therefore it will activate all the pre-installed apps, even if you have previously removed them. Similarly, these pre-installed apps may require an update after reset.

what do you lose when you factory reset your Android phone?

In summary, and as we already mentioned several paragraphs ago, you will lose the data that is in the internal storage. In the case of removable storage, you will only lose the data related to the operation of Android, but the rest will be intact. Meanwhile, you will lose the installed applications that do not come standard, the customization that you have applied to your mobile, and other operating system settings.

Now that you know all this, you can restore Android to its factory state without fear, and recover the original performance of your mobile in a few minutes. Would you add any recommendation?



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