A character with superpowers, additional missions and professions: the first major update for Watch Dogs: Legion has been released


A character with superpowers, additional missions and professions: the first major update for Watch Dogs: Legion has been released

Ubisoft has released the first major update for Watch Dogs: Legion. The game has three co-op missions, a new controllable character, and other content. Some of the innovations are intended only for owners of add-on subscriptions.

 Watch dogs Legion result
Watchdogs Legion result

Update 4.0 introduced the following:

  • For Season Pass holders: Mina Sidhu, the first subscription-based playable hero. She can control opponents’ minds using the OMNI Optik device and stun nearby enemies using the Mental Blast skill. The mine is available both in the single-player campaign and in the multiplayer modes;
  • For Season Pass holders: New DedSec Stories Mission – Swipe Right. In it, DedSec will deal with smugglers who have conspired with the Egyptian Minister of Culture to sell ancient artifacts and sponsor terrorists;
  • three cooperative tasks;
  • two professions for single-mode and multiplayer – a DJ (DJ), capable of strengthening allies and disorienting nearby opponents, and a rescuer (First Responder), who protects himself and other players with an augmented reality shield;
  • five assignments for single-mode;
  • two gadgets;
  • five abilities of operatives;
  • the ability to create closed cooperative sessions;
  • new possibilities for customizing the appearance of characters – hairstyles and body art.In addition, the developers have fixed many technical problems, including those that caused crashes and memory leaks, and prevented the completion of some missions. The update size ranges from 19GB to 37GB, depending on the platform. The full changelog is published here.


    The update was planned to be released earlier, but the release was delayed due to problems with adding content. The postponement was not as serious as in the network component: it did not appear in December, as promised by Ubisoft, but only in March. All this time, the developers have been fixing problems in single-user mode.

    In June, Season Pass holders will receive the Bloodline Story Expansion, which adds Aiden Pearce from the original Watch Dogs and Wrench from Watch Dogs 2, and in August, users will be able to play as Assassin Darcy. At the end of May, access to two new PvP modes and the Project Omni tactical operation will open. More information about the upcoming content can be found in our article.

    Watch Dogs: Legion was released on October 29, 2020, on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia, on November 10 on the Xbox Series X and S, and the 12th on PlayStation 5.

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