A Taste of Japan Takes Flight: Lufthansa Group Elevates In-Flight Dining


Get ready for a culinary adventure at 30,000 feet! The Lufthansa Group, boasting a nearly 60-year legacy of connecting Japan and Europe, has taken its commitment to passenger experience to new heights by reintroducing local Japanese cuisine onboard flights departing from the Land of the Rising Sun. This exciting move not only elevates the in-flight dining experience but also strengthens the cultural ties between the two regions.

Lufthansa Group Elevates In Flight Dining
Lufthansa Group Elevates In-Flight Dining

Honoring Culinary Heritage: A Celebration of Japanese Cuisine

Recognizing the depth and richness of Japanese culinary traditions, Lufthansa began offering authentic Japanese cuisine onboard flights to and from Japan in October 2023. Travelers can now savor classic Japanese dishes like sushi, sukiyaki, and soba while journeying to Europe via Lufthansa’s convenient Frankfurt and Munich hubs.

A Multi-Sensory Experience in Business Class

For a truly unforgettable culinary experience, Business Class passengers onboard flight LH717 (Tokyo to Frankfurt) are treated to a meticulously curated multi-course meal prepared by expert local chefs using traditional recipes. This immersive journey into Japanese cuisine unfolds in a series of courses, mirroring the customary Japanese dining experience:

Appetizers: The meal begins with a tantalizing array of appetizers presented in kobachi (small bowls) and zensai (small plates) to stimulate the appetite.

Main Course: The main course features a delectable selection of dishes, showcasing the diversity and artistry of Japanese cuisine.

Comforting Finale: The meal concludes with a warm and comforting soup and a selection of konomono (pickled vegetables), leaving passengers feeling satisfied and refreshed.

Local Delights for All Passengers

The Lufthansa Group caters to all palates! In addition to the exceptional Business Class experience, Premium Economy and Economy passengers can also enjoy delicious Japanese meals onboard. First and business-class passengers are treated to an extra touch of luxury, with dishes prepared using the freshest ingredients and served on elegant ceramic tableware. This elevates the in-flight dining experience to resemble a traditional Japanese restaurant setting.

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The convenience factor is another highlight. Passengers departing from Tokyo or Osaka have the option to choose from a selection of local Japanese meals on all Lufthansa flights. There’s no need to pre-order, allowing for a spontaneous and delightful dining experience.

Swiss International Air Lines Joins the Culinary Journey

Following Lufthansa’s lead, Swiss International Air Lines has also embraced the concept of local catering. Passengers flying to and from Tokyo with SWISS can now indulge in a selection of delectable Japanese dishes onboard. While pre-booking is recommended for these flights, the experience promises to be a delightful one.

A Commitment to Cultural Connection

The Lufthansa Group’s renewed focus on local catering reflects their dedication to embracing Japanese culture and further strengthening their long-standing partnership with the country. This initiative goes beyond just offering delicious meals; it’s a celebration of Japanese culinary heritage and a way to enhance the travel experience for passengers journeying between Japan and Europe.

A Taste of Japan: Onboard Culinary Delights

In a nod to Japan’s rich culinary heritage, Lufthansa Group initiated the serving of local Japanese cuisine onboard flights to and from Japan starting in October 2023. Passengers traveling on Japanese routes can now indulge in an array of traditional Japanese dishes, including sushi, sukiyaki, and soba, as they journey through Lufthansa Group’s Frankfurt and Munich hubs.

Gastronomic Experience: Dining Options Across Cabin Classes

Passengers aboard flights like LH717 from Tokyo to Frankfurt are treated to authentic Japanese meals meticulously crafted by local expert chefs. Business class travelers can anticipate a gastronomical journey with a multi-course meal curated according to traditional Japanese culinary customs. From appetizers served in a kobachi and zensai to a main course featuring an assortment of delicacies accompanied by a comforting soup and konomono, every aspect of the dining experience reflects the essence of Japanese cuisine. Premium Economy and Economy passengers can also partake in the culinary adventure with their choice of local Japanese meals.

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First-Class Treatment: Elevated Dining Experience

In First and Business class, passengers are treated to an unparalleled dining experience reminiscent of a traditional Japanese restaurant. Dishes are prepared using the freshest ingredients and served on fine ceramic tableware, ensuring a premium dining experience at 30,000 feet. Passengers traveling to and from Tokyo or Osaka are offered a selection of local catering options without the need for preordering, enhancing the onboard dining experience for all passengers.

SWISS Joins the Culinary Journey

Swiss International Air Lines, a part of the Lufthansa Group, has also introduced local catering options for passengers traveling to and from Tokyo. Passengers can pre-book their choice of Japanese menu selections to enjoy a taste of Japan during their flight with SWISS.