Acer expects 40% growth in Chromebook shipments in 2021


Last updated on May 2nd, 2023 at 03:51 pm

Acer expects 40% growth in Chromebook shipments in 2021

The main consumers of the so-called “Chromebooks” in many countries have become both educational institutions and parents of students since distance learning has become entrenched against the backdrop of the pandemic. According to market participants, even next year the segment will demonstrate tens of percent growth, and so far the demand exceeds supply by three times.


In the first half of this year, the volume of shipments of Chromebooks increased by 24%, according to IDC. Jerry Yu, corporate senior vice president of MediaTek, told Nikkei Asian Review that the company sees great potential in the Chromebook market, and therefore intends to expand the range of high-performance processors on offer that is suitable for installation in this kind of computing device. This year, according to MediaTek estimates, the Chromebook market will grow by half.

The optimism is shared by representatives of Acer – the largest manufacturer of Chromebooks. Even next year, according to CEO Jason Chen, demand for Chromebooks will grow by 40%. In the third quarter, the core business of Acer showed revenue growth of 94.4% YoY. At first, the company assumed that the growth in demand for Chromebooks would be temporary, but now it has become clear that this is a long-term trend. Acer management even receives letters from officials in Europe urging the company to increase its supply of these devices for the needs of the educational system. Now Acer can meet no more than a third of the market demand for Chromebooks due to a significant shortage of individual components.

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