AdBlock and other ad blockers will stop working in Google Chrome in January 2023


Browser will switch to Manifest Version 3

In January 2023, extensions designed to block ads will no longer work in the Google Chrome browser. This is indicated by a document intended for developers. During this period, an update will be released that will add API support to the browser for extensions up to Manifest Version 3, while all ad-blocking applications run on version 2.

Manifest Version 3
Manifest Version 3

At the same time, it makes no sense to install extensions in advance, they will simply cease to function after the update. So far, there is no solution, but the developers report that they are already working to solve the problem and are preparing new versions of ad blockers.

At the same time, the creators of alternative browsers based on the Chrome engine promise that support for the old version of the Manifest will remain in their applications, so that it will be possible to use them instead of Chrome.

Earlier it was reported that Google released an important update to Chrome. It closes a dangerous “hole”, which is actively used by hackers

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