Amazon Fab TV Fest Sale 2024: Smart TVs Starting at Rs 7,499 – Top Deals and Features


Calling all movie buffs and binge-watchers! Craving a cinematic experience in the comfort of your living room but worried about the price tag? Look no further than the Amazon Fab TV Fest Sale 2024. This limited-time event offers incredible discounts on a wide selection of smart TVs, making it the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home entertainment system without breaking the bank.

Amazon Fab TV Fest Sale 2024
Amazon Fab TV Fest Sale 2024

This year’s Fab TV Fest focuses on smaller-sized TVs, particularly 32-inch models, offering significant price cuts that can reach up to 50% off. Let’s delve deeper into the details of this exciting sale and explore some of the top deals you can snag!

Deep Discounts on Top-Tier Brands: A Glimpse into the Deals

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most attractive deals available during the Amazon Fab TV Fest Sale:

  • VW 32-inch Frameless Series HD Ready Smart TV: This budget-friendly option boasts an HD Ready display with a 60Hz refresh rate and 16.7 million color depth. It runs on Android TV OS, providing access to popular streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar. With built-in Wi-Fi, screen mirroring, and wireless headphone control, this TV offers a convenient and connected viewing experience. Originally priced at a higher point, the Fab TV Fest Sale slashes the price down to a remarkable Rs. 7,499, making it a steal for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Mi 32-inch A Series HD Ready Smart Google LED TV: If you’re an Android fan, the Mi A Series might be the perfect choice. This TV features an HD Ready display with Vivid Picture Engine technology for enhanced visuals and a 60Hz refresh rate for smooth motion. The Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual X support ensure a rich and immersive audio experience. Running on Google TV OS, this smart TV allows seamless access to Google Assistant, Play Store, and screen mirroring functionalities. With 1.5GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, this TV offers ample space for apps and smooth performance. Originally priced higher, the Fab TV Fest Sale offers this model at Rs. 12,999, representing a significant discount of 48%.
  • Acer 32-inch V Series HD Ready Smart QLED Google TV: Stepping up the game with enhanced picture quality, the Acer V Series boasts a 32-inch HD Ready QLED display with HDR10 support. This translates to vibrant colors and deeper blacks, creating a more realistic and immersive viewing experience. The 60Hz refresh rate ensures smooth visuals, while micro dimming, super brightness, and blue light reduction technologies further enhance the viewing experience. The audio system packs a punch with a robust 30W output backed by Dolby Audio support. Powered by a Quad Core Chipset, this TV runs on Google TV OS and offers access to Google Voice Assistant, built-in Chromecast, and a voice-enabled smart remote for ultimate convenience. With 1.5GB of RAM and a generous 16GB of storage, this TV is well-equipped to handle your entertainment needs. During the Fab TV Fest Sale, you can snag this feature-packed model for Rs. 14,999.
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These are just a few examples of the incredible deals available during the Amazon Fab TV Fest Sale. With a diverse selection of brands and models at discounted prices, you’re sure to find the perfect TV that fits your budget and viewing preferences.

Beyond Discounts: Exploring Additional Value

While jaw-dropping deals are a major draw of the Fab TV Fest Sale, here are some additional benefits you can leverage:

  • Easy Payment Options: Amazon offers various payment options to make your purchase convenient. You can opt for easy EMI plans or explore cashback offers with select debit and credit cards to further stretch your budget.
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery: With Amazon’s established delivery network, you can expect your new TV to arrive quickly and securely.
  • Hassle-Free Returns: If you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase, Amazon’s hassle-free return policy allows you to return the TV within a specified timeframe.


Q: When is the Amazon Fab TV Fest Sale happening?

A: The exact dates for the sale might vary depending on your region. However, it typically takes place sometime in June.

Q: What kind of deals can I expect during the sale?

A: The Fab TV Fest Sale focuses on discounts on smaller-sized TVs, particularly 32-inch models. You can expect significant price reductions, potentially reaching up to 50% off.

Q: What are some popular brands included in the sale?

A: The sale typically features a diverse selection of brands, including established names like VW, Mi, and Acer.

Q: I’m looking for a bigger TV than 32 inches. Does the sale offer deals on larger models?

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A: While the Fab TV Fest Sale primarily focuses on 32-inch models, Amazon might also offer deals on larger TVs throughout the year. It’s always recommended to browse their website or app for ongoing promotions.

Q: What are some factors I should consider when choosing a new TV?

A: Consider factors like screen size, resolution, display technology, smart features, connectivity options, brand, and warranty before making your purchase.