AMD Ryzen 5000 (Cezanne) APU Family Found in SiSoftware Sandra Database


AMD Ryzen 5000 (Cezanne) APU Family Found in SiSoftware Sandra Database

Over the early rumors, we have already said that AMD is scheduled for next year’s hybrid (APU) processors Ryzen 5000 (codenamed Cezanne) based on the new architecture of Zen 3 and Vega graphics. The first major confirmation of this was found in the SiSoftware Sandra synthetic benchmark database. Information was shared by “Internet detective” Rogaine, who noticed the presence of an engineering chip “red” with the name “Celadon CZN Renoir”.


Unfortunately, the leak does not contain any information about the CPU cores. The only thing that is indicated is that the chip is part of an unknown laptop. At the same time, the leak contains some information about the graphics subsystem of this APU.

So, “embedded” uses 8 computing units (Compute Units, CU) based on the advanced graphic Vega microarchitecture. Each compute unit contains 64 stream processors for a total of 512. The same graphics configuration is used in the flagship AMD Ryzen 4000 (Renoir) series hybrid chips. But the most interesting part is the effective frequency of Cezanne graphics. If such current models for mobile computers as AMD Ryzen 7 4800U and Ryzen 9 4900H have a GPU running at 1750 MHz, then the Cezanne engineering sample has a graphics core frequency that is 100 MHz higher, that is, 1850 MHz.

The SiSoftware Sandra benchmark results also indicate the graphics performance of the Cezanne chip. It is about 5% higher than that of the integrated graphics of the current Ryzen 4000 APUs. Considering that this leak appeared clearly ahead of time, then we can confidently assume that these are far from the final capabilities of the new integrated graphics of the next generation AMD processors.



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