AMD’s next blow to Nvidia. DLSS alternative – Super Resolution technology – will be released in spring


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:48 pm

Nvidia cards will support it too

At the end of last year, it became known that AMD is preparing its answer to Nvidia DLSS technology in the form of FidelityFX Super Resolution technology

Nvidia DLSS technology
Nvidia DLSS technology

AMD’s next blow to Nvidia. DLSS alternative – Super Resolution technology – will be released in spring

It will also improve performance using machine learning unless the early data is used exclusively when ray tracing is activated. But on the other hand, the technology will be part of the GPUOpen / FidelityFX cross-platform package, which will make it much easier for developers to implement it. 

According to new data, Super Resolution technology will be part of the next major update to Radeon Software Adrenaline, which will be released in the spring. That is, in the spring, AMD video cards will support the technology. By the way, Nvidia adapters will also support it, but it’s unclear when. Simultaneously, the source notes that AMD cards, despite the absence of separate machine learning acceleration units, will work better with their technology than Nvidia cards due to a large amount of Infinity Cache memory. 

As for the implementation in games, it is not yet clear when and how it will appear. 

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