An unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 were auctioned for a record $ 156,000


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:37 pm

An unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 were auctioned for a record $ 156,000

A few days ago, the American auction house Heritage Auctions held another auction, in which an unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 (version for the North American market, released in 1990) was sold for an incredible $ 156 thousand, which is approximately equal to 12 million rubles. This is the highest price ever paid for a video game at auction.

 Super Mario Bros 3
Super Mario Bros 3

According to available data, the auction involved 20 potential buyers, and the auction itself began with a bid of $ 62.5 thousand. It is also noteworthy that the final bid of $ 156 thousand broke the previous record, which belonged to an unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. 1985 released for the NES game console: it was auctioned in July this year for $ 114,000.

It should be said that this is not the first time Heritage Auctions has sold unopened copies of Super Mario Bros. 3 for a lot of money. In July this year, one of the copies of the game, which has survived to this day in a sealed form, was auctioned for $ 38.4 thousand. However, the copy that was sold as part of a recent auction is especially valuable due to its rare packaging design.

“The game is in good condition, but what makes this copy even more unique is the design of the packaging itself: there are very few sealed copies of the game that have the word ‘Bros.’ located on the left and covers one of Mario’s white gloves, ”commented the results of the auction at Heritage Auctions.

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