Android 14 will block installation of apps for older versions of Android and APK files


This is how Google plans to contain the spread of malware

According to 9to5google, citing developers, requirements will be tightened in the Android 14 operating system: Google will block the installation of outdated applications by default. In addition, the upcoming change will block users from downloading certain APK files.

Initially, Android 14 devices will only block apps designed for the oldest versions of Android. However, over time it is planned to increase the threshold to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), while Google may gradually raise the bar further.

However, it is likely that each device manufacturer will decide what threshold for legacy applications should be enabled, and whether it will be enabled at all. If the function is active, then it will not be possible to install applications for outdated versions of Android on a specific device.

Android 14
                                                                               Android 14

By blocking these outdated apps, Google intends to curb the spread of malware on Android. The developer responsible for the change confirms that some malicious apps deliberately target older versions of Android to bypass certain protections that only apply to newer apps.

However, as the developer clarifies, if you decide that you need to install an outdated application, it will still be possible to do this.

The release of Android 14 is expected this year.

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