Android apps to find AirTags and BLE scanners


AirTags can be very handy, but how do you make them work on Android phones? Let’s see the best apps to detect them and find them if lost

Apple’s AirTags are small Bluetooth devices that can work as a keychain and find smart objects: once paired with the iPhone and positioned on the object, we can quickly track them using Apple’s Where‘s function and, if we go too far, we can also make the phone ring to retrace our steps and recover lost or forgotten items somewhere. These AirTags work very well on the iPhone but, in order to use them also with an Android phone, it is necessary to install a specific app capable of communicating with the AirTag .

In the following guide, we will show you the best Android apps to use and locate AirTags and scanners for devices that connect to the phone via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), so as not to be necessarily tied to the Apple world and to be able to use these convenient devices how it finds objects and keys even with a Samsung or Xiaomi phone.

App to find AirTags

AirTag Detector

The first app we recommend you install on your Android phone to find AirTags is AirTag Detector, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

By installing this app we will be able to actively find the AirTags that surround them so that we can find lost objects. To use the app, we press the SCAN button to find the devices available around us and, at the same time, it allows you to immediately find the hidden devices to track us and to violate our privacy.


Another app that we can download to locate AirTags is AirTagLocator , available from the Google Play Store.


This app was created to fight AirTag Stalking, so you can immediately see if there are any AirTags on us (to follow us from afar without being seen). In addition to this disturbing scenario, we can also use this app to track down our AirTags, so as to find them without necessarily having to use an iPhone.


Another very good app to find AirTags is iTag, which can be downloaded for free on all Android from the Google Play Store.

By downloading this app we will have a simple interface with which to add all the AirTags we have so that we can track them at any time and also discover the distance that separates us from them, thanks to the data emitted by the Bluetooth LE.

Find Bluetooth Device

Among the apps that we can use to detect AirTags from Android, we also point out Find Bluetooth Device .

The app works as a search tool for every Bluetooth device connected to the phone, including the new AirTags. Once associated with the phone we will be able to check the distance and position of the AirTag from the app, so as to recover it when we realize we have lost it, with an audible alert as soon as the tag signal is lost.


Among the best apps to find lost Apple devices via Android smartphone is Wunderfind.

Wunderfind allows you to find AirPods, AirTags, Apple Pencils, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and many other compatible Apple devices. If we lose one of the AirTags with this app we can find it quickly, using the integrated radar system (very similar to the one on the iPhone).

nRF Connect for Mobile

Another very interesting app for tracking AirTags is nRF Connect for Mobile, available from the Google Play Store.

This app is presented as a real scanner for all BLE devices, including AirTags. After opening it we can scan the area and add our Bluetooth tags, so as to discover all the information about it and also track its signal and approximate position.


Another app to effectively scan all nearby BLE devices is LightBlue.

The app definitely shows a large number of information on all the Bluetooth Low Energy devices present in the vicinity, including the AirTags. After adding them we can then monitor them, find out the signal strength and what kind of information it collects.


These little AirTags are like most gadgets or small Apple products: we probably don’t need them but, after using them, we can’t do without them anymore! If we have purchased AirTags we can use them even if we have an Android phone, by focusing on one of the apps that we have presented to you above. Pay particular attention to stalkers who use AirTags : being small and invisible they can be used for stalking, so better open one of the apps seen above immediately to scan for suspicious tags or tags near us.


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