Apologise to PM Modi over Maldives india relation


Apologise to PM Modi over Maldives India relation

In the midst of a diplomatic standoff between the Maldives and India, Jumhooree Party Leader Qasim Ibrahim calls on President Mohamed Muizzu to apologize to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Background: Amid the ongoing tussle between the two nations, Ibrahim warns against jeopardizing relationships, emphasizing the importance of diplomatic responsibility.

Apologise to PM Modi
Apologise to PM Modi

President Solih’s Decree: Highlighting President Solih’s decree against the ‘India Out’ campaign, Ibrahim stresses the need to maintain national security, defending the decree’s significance.

Call for Apology: Expressing concern over Muizzu’s post-China trip remarks, Ibrahim urges a formal apology to the Indian government and PM Modi, emphasizing the delicate nature of diplomatic ties.

India-Maldives Diplomatic Row: Explore the series of events leading to the tension, from Muizzu’s demand for troop withdrawal to his unconventional visit to Turkey, raising questions about India’s influence.

Social Media Controversy: Delve into the escalation triggered by social media comments against PM Modi, following his Lakshadweep visit, and how it fueled the diplomatic fire.

Chinese Involvement: Examine the recent agreement allowing a Chinese research vessel in Male port, adding to India’s concerns about China’s increasing presence in the Indian Ocean.

Strategic Significance: Understand the geographical and strategic importance of the Maldives, situated close to India and at the crossroads of vital sea lanes in the Indian Ocean Region.


*Q1: What is the ‘India Out’ campaign? A1: It was led by former President Abdulla Yameen, alleging a threat to national security due to the presence of Indian military officers in the Maldives.

*Q2: Why did Ibrahim suggest an apology? A2: Concerned about the impact on diplomatic ties, Ibrahim urged Muizzu to formally apologize to the Indian government for remarks made post-China trip.

Conclusion: The diplomatic tensions between Maldives and India underscore the delicate balance of maintaining international relationships. The call for an apology reflects the complexities involved in navigating such diplomatic challenges.

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