Apple, aren’t we expecting a 5% increase like Intel?


At least two platforms will change little compared to the current versions

Apple will hold an event tonight where, among other things, it is expected to announce new SoCs for the M3 line.


And fresh data from a Bloomberg journalist suggests that the new platforms may not be particularly faster than the current ones. At least some huge increase in characteristics is not yet visible.

If this data is correct, the M3 SoC will have the same configuration as the M2, that is, eight processor cores (four fast and four energy-efficient) and a 10-core GPU.

Apple, aren’t we expecting a 5% increase like Intel?

The M3 Pro SoC will have 12 CPU cores and 20 GPU cores, while the M2 Pro has 12 and 19 cores, respectively. That is, the change is very minor.

The M3 Max, in turn, will have 16 CPU cores versus 12 cores for the M2 Max, which already looks very good. But the GPU will have 40 cores versus 38 for the M2 Max.

Of course, you also need to take into account, firstly, the transition to a three-nanometer process technology, and secondly, possible changes in architectures. So new platforms may well be much faster than current ones even with unchanged characteristics. But, unfortunately, there is no data about this yet.

It’s also worth noting that the M2 Pro and M2 Max were only introduced in January of this year, and such a quick replacement for them suggests that Apple is still placing a significant bet on new platforms.

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