Apple claims all fruit in logos: company sues Prepear for pear image


Apple claims all fruit in logos: company sues Prepear for pear image

Prepare for iOS and Android is a meal planning and shopping list app that helps users find recipes and more. This product, created by a small team of Super Healthy Kids, has come under legal attack from Apple.


Apple opposed the Prepear trademark filing, the founders said, demanding that the company change its pear-shaped logo used to represent the brand in recipe management and meal planning.

In a petition to, Prepear continues: “Before attacking us, Apple opposed dozens of other trademark filings by small businesses with fruit logos. Many brand owners have abandoned them or made changes. Most small businesses cannot afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars fighting Apple

Prepear is a small company with only five employees, and legal costs have already cost them many thousands of dollars, and also resulted in the firing of one team member due to a legal battle with the iPhone manufacturer.

“Being under legal attack from one of the largest companies in the world is very daunting, even if we have clearly done nothing wrong – we understand why most companies just give in and change their logos, ” Prepear added in her public support appeal.

Prepare says it feels a moral obligation to stand up to Apple’s aggressive lawsuits against small businesses and to fight for the right to keep its logo. The company, she said, is defending itself against the Cupertino giant not only to keep the logo but also to make it clear to big tech companies that bullying small businesses has consequences.

At the time of writing, more than 12,500 signatures have been collected on When looking at the two mentioned logos, it is difficult to say that they have anything in common at all – besides the fact that in both cases, fruits are schematically depicted. But the world’s most expensive “fruit” company thinks differently.



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