iPhone 12 will receive support for the Chinese navigation system Beidou


iPhone 12 will receive support for the Chinese navigation system Beidou

Probably, at the moment, among all the variety of smartphones sold in China, only Apple devices do not support the Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system. However, this may change soon. According to online sources, the iPhone 12 smartphones, which are due to launch this fall, will receive support from Beidou.


The message says that Apple experts are currently working on debugging iPhone smartphones, including testing the compatibility of new models with the Beidou system. However, there have been no official statements from Apple on this matter. Support for the Chinese navigation system is expected to be announced after the launch of the iPhone 12. If this is the case, then Apple’s new smartphones will become even more attractive to Chinese buyers. The implementation of support for Beidou in the iPhone 12 may indicate that the Chinese market is one of the most important for Apple.

There are currently four global satellite navigation systems in the world. We are talking about American GPS, Russian GLONASS, European Galileo, and Chinese Beidou. Despite the fact that the Beidou system is similar to its counterparts, it is not enough to simply install the appropriate application to interact with it. The smartphone must have a special chip compatible with Beidou. Therefore, Apple needs to test the compatibility of new devices with the navigation system if the company really wants to make its smartphones more attractive in the Chinese market.       

According to the press service of Beidou, the Chinese navigation system has high positioning accuracy and fast synchronization. It is already used in many fields of activity and covers more than 200 countries and regions of the world.



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