Apple: complaint for chargers missing in the package, how did it end?


It goes without saying that customers have turned up their noses on more than one occasion, especially at the beginning. And the arrival of the iPhone 12 first and iPhone 13 then did not change things.

Well, from the east we get news of how the Cupertino company has been called into question by the local court because, in fact, it has decided not to include any power supply in conjunction with the sale of its smartphones.

We are in China and the lawsuit has been filed “openly”, ie with the possibility of grouping other individuals who agree to continue this activity and join the group.

The authors of this gesture are Chinese students. The guys are not asking for financial refunds but simply for Apple to provide them with a power supply. Furthermore, some of them claim that Apple is not doing it for the environment but only to significantly push the sale of its new chargers: these.

In fact, the official motivation that accompanied the removal of the power supply from the box was to preserve the planet from additional tons of carbon, adding that all families now have several power supplies at home and that it is useless to produce more.

In this story, there is a precedent and it is that which took place in Brazil where Apple has already received a fine of 1.9 million from the consumer association. The sanction also arose because, according to the Brazilian body, Apple did not respond in time to the questions which asked what were the reasons for the removal of the standard accessory.

In short, Chinese students are serious and ask to assert their reasons so we will see how it ends.

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