Apple Electric Vehicle Details: Hyundai E-GMP Platform, KIA Factory Manufactured & Very Very High Price


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:47 pm

Customers will be able to test Apple’s electric car platform this year

Well-known Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingji, who has his own sources of information among manufacturers of components for various Apple devices, shared new details about the promising electric vehicle of the American company. And they look very interesting.

KIA Factory
KIA Factory

Apple Electric Vehicle Details: Hyundai E-GMP Platform, KIA Factory Manufactured & Very Very High Price

The long-time Apple partner Hon Hai Group (better known by the Foxconn brand) is not the best electric car mate, according to the report. Therefore, the Americans had to look for another key partner, which turned out to be the Korean Hyundai. The Apple electric car will be based on the E-GMP platform. And this is an interesting moment: the Hyundai Concept 45 electric car is built on the same platform – the prototype of the production model, which should go on sale in Russia this year. Of course, the platform for Apple cars will be thoroughly refined, but the Russians will be able to assess its basic capabilities four to five years before the premiere of the Apple electric car.

The second important point. Unlike iPhones, which are assembled in China and India, Apple’s electric car will be produced in the USA at … the KIA plant. That is, Apple will not follow the path of Tesla and will not build its own production facilities. On the one hand, this approach is much simpler and less expensive in terms of finances, but on the other hand, the risk of various kinds of leaks, espionage, and other things that are not very pleasant for corporate America increases.

Part of the components for Apple cars will be produced by Hyundai Mobis. What will Apple itself do? What she does best: design, services, and technology. Thus, the company will focus its efforts on the development of software and hardware for autonomous driving, next-generation batteries, exterior and interior design, and integration with the existing Apple ecosystem.

Apple’s electric car is due out in 2025. If the company were completely independently engaged in the project, then it would come out at best by the end of the decade. But the partnership with Hyundai can significantly reduce development and production times. As for the price, the report says that the new product ” will be positioned as a very high-end model, and the price and cost of parts and components will be significantly higher than that of conventional electric vehicles .” A “regular electric car,” like the Tesla Model 3 or Volkswagen ID.3, now costs around $ 35-40,000. Premium car – 2-4 times more expensive. This means that Apple’s electric car is unlikely to be less than $ 150,000.   

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