Apple has released the Apple Vision Pro developer kit


The headset is expected to be released next year.

Apple has announced the release of the Apple Vision Pro Developer Kits. Developers can apply for a kit and receive an Apple Vision Pro (returnable) headset to enable them to develop and test applications.

Along with Vision Pro, developers will get help setting up and connecting devices, consulting with Apple experts for UI design and development guidance, and help finalizing applications. Each developer who receives the kit will be given two additional support requests at the code level to resolve code issues.

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro

Apple states that the Apple Vision Pro headsets are development devices owned by Apple and should remain where they are shipped in a private, secure workspace accessible only to developers who are authorized to work on them. Apple plans to maintain regular contact with developers using the kit, and the kit will need to be returned at Apple’s request.

Developers can apply on the Apple website . Apple will collect information about each team’s development skills and existing applications, with priority given to applicants who create an application that takes advantage of the features and capabilities of visionOS.

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