Apple is preparing the most important iPad Pro update since 2018


An improved Magic Keyboard is also expected

Bloomberg reports that Apple is developing an all-new version of the iPad Pro, which promises to be the most significant update since 2018.

It is expected that the tablet will be available in two versions: with screens of 11 and 13 inches. The screen of the larger version will increase diagonally by 0.1 inches. Instead of a miniLED matrix, Apple plans to use an OLED screen, which guarantees brighter and more saturated colors.

Apple IPad Pro
Apple IPad Pro

Apple is preparing the most important iPad Pro update since 2018

According to rumors, the new iPad Pro will be built on the basis of the Apple M3 line of single-chip systems, but details about other technical characteristics have not yet been disclosed.

Apple is also expected to make significant changes to the Magic Keyboard Case. The updated version will get a larger trackpad, and the keyboard will make working with the iPad Pro as similar as working with a laptop.

It is reported that the updated iPad Pro will be presented in the fall or winter of 2025.


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