Apple is working on a cooling case for iPhone


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:35 pm

Apple is working on a cooling case for iPhone

According to a recent patent released today, Apple is considering using a passively cooled case with an iPhone to enhance the performance of the smartphone. Thus, the company will solve the problem of resetting frequencies by the processor when it heats up to a certain level.

Apple cooling case

The patent, titled “Smart Case for Portable Electronic Device,” does not specify exactly how the case will aid cooling. Usually, passive cooling presupposes a radiator, but in this case, such a solution is hardly applicable.

In addition, in the patent, Apple proposes to build magnets into the case, which will create a magnetic field determined by the Hall sensor built into the smartphone. Thus, the phone will understand that a cooling case is connected to it and will not reduce frequencies when heated. In addition, Apple is considering recognizing different types of cooling cases, which will allow the iPhone to vary the operating temperature threshold based on the accessory used. The possibility of identifying the cooling case using NFC is also being considered.

Apple is filing numerous patent applications every week, but this does not mean that all the devices described in them will be released to the market. Nevertheless, the described case does not look like something extraordinary and can be released using existing technologies. Most iPhone users already wrap their smartphones in a protective case, and increased productivity can be a welcome bonus for them.

Recall that Apple has already presented a series of cases and other accessories with MagSafe designed for iPhone 12. Their identification is carried out at the stage of connecting to the device and is accompanied by an animation showing which accessory is connected to the phone.

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