Apple may split the iPhone 12 announcement into two presentations. Each can show two models


Apple may split the iPhone 12 announcement into two presentations. Each can show two models

Apple last week confirmed that the announcement of a new series of iPhone smartphones will be delayed due to the ongoing global health crisis and restrictions related to international transport links. Last year, sales of new smartphones began at the end of September, but this year Apple predicts the start of shipments of devices ” a few weeks later “, possibly in October.


It is expected that this year the lineup of Apple smartphones will be replenished with devices with screens of 5.4, 6.1, and 6.7 inches. According to DigiTimes, citing Taiwanese sources from the iPhone component supply chain, Apple is going to split the announcement of new products. As part of the first announcement, she will introduce two 6.1-inch models of the iPhone 12, and later – 6.7- and 5.4-inch. Sources also add that the supply of printed circuit boards for the first two smartphone models has already begun. And the boards for the remaining two, in turn, will start shipping only at the end of August. It also claims that peak shipments of boards for new iPhones are expected 2-4 weeks later than usual.

The main reason for the delay of the new iPhones is the difficulties with their development, which Apple had to face due to the coronavirus pandemic. These rumors were eventually confirmed indirectly by Qualcomm, which is responsible for supplying chips for 5G iPhones.

Analysts predict that 6.7- and 6.1-inch models will become expensive flagship solutions equipped with a triple main camera module. In turn, the 5.4-inch and another 6.1-inch device will be somewhat simpler, with dual cameras and at a more affordable price.

Also, according to authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, all 2020 iPhones will receive OLED screens, as well as support for fifth-generation (5G) wireless networks. Additionally, Kuo believes Apple will ship the new iPhone 12s without wired EarPods. This will lower costs as well as bring more attention to their AirPods wireless earbuds.



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