Apple slightly updated the MacBook Air – what has changed


A small change can improve battery life

Apple didn’t make much of an emphasis or special announcements by updating the specifications of the 13-inch MacBook Air. The 13-inch MacBook Air now has one of the features Apple introduced with the new 15-inch MacBook Air. 

MacBook Air
MacBook Air

The thematic resource MacRumors was the first to notice the change. Although the 13-inch MacBook Air with the proprietary M2 SoC supported Bluetooth 5.0 when it was released in July 2022, the laptop now supports faster and more stable Bluetooth 5.3.

Apple has updated the 13-inch MacBook Air specs page on its website with Bluetooth 5.3. This comes after the company unveiled a 15-inch MacBook Air with Bluetooth 5.3 at WWDC in early June. 

The standard offers faster and more reliable connections with Bluetooth accessories, as well as more efficient power consumption, which can help improve battery life.  

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