April 2024 Compact SUV Sales Report: A Market in Flux


The Indian compact SUV segment, a perennial favorite among car buyers, witnessed a shift in April 2024. While overall sales remained healthy at nearly 40,000 units, a significant drop compared to March 2024 was observed. This article delves into the details of the April 2024 compact SUV sales figures, analyzing key trends, brand performances, and noteworthy changes within the segment.

April 2024 Compact SUV Sales Report
April 2024 Compact SUV Sales Report

A Market Downturn: Sales Decline Across the Board

The most striking aspect of the April 2024 compact SUV sales report is the decline in demand across the board. Compared to March 2024, the entire segment experienced a decrease of approximately 21.06%. Despite this drop, the segment managed to maintain a healthy sales volume, with close to 40,000 units finding new homes.

Hyundai Creta Retains Dominance Despite Demand Dip

Hyundai continues to reign supreme in the compact SUV segment with the ever-popular Creta. The Creta remains the only model to surpass the 10,000 unit sales mark in April 2024, showcasing its enduring appeal amongst Indian consumers. However, even the Creta wasn’t immune to the overall market slowdown, experiencing a month-on-month (MoM) demand drop of over 6%. It’s important to note that these sales figures encompass the entire Creta lineup, including the sporty Creta N Line.

Maruti Grand Vitara Falters: Significant MoM Sales Drop

The Maruti Grand Vitara, a much-anticipated new entrant in the segment, witnessed a substantial MoM decline in sales in April 2024. Compared to March, sales figures plummeted by over 30%, with a total of just over 7,600 units sold last month. This significant drop is particularly noteworthy considering the Grand Vitara’s average sales over the past six months have hovered around 10,000 units. Further analysis is needed to understand the reasons behind this sudden decline in demand for the Maruti Grand Vitara.

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Toyota Hyryder Follows Similar Trajectory

The Toyota Hyryder, the mechanical twin of the Maruti Grand Vitara, mirrored the Grand Vitara’s downward sales trend in April 2024. MoM demand for the Hyryder dropped by a staggering 45%, propelling it to the fourth position in terms of segment sales. While not as popular as the Creta, the Hyryder’s significant decline reflects the broader market slowdown affecting the segment as a whole.

Mixed Fortunes for Other Established Players

Kia’s popular Seltos also experienced a decline in MoM demand, with sales figures falling by nearly 15% in April 2024. Despite the drop, the Seltos managed to maintain sales above its average for the past six months, which sits at around 9,000 units.

The Volkswagen Taigun stands out as the sole model in the segment to register positive MoM growth in April 2024. Sales figures for the Taigun climbed by over 10%, exceeding 1,700 units. Conversely, its Skoda cousin, the Kushaq, suffered a 10% MoM sales decline, with less than 1,200 units finding buyers.

Production Adjustments and Brand Strategies

The near-halving of Honda Elevate production in April 2024 compared to March is likely a strategic move by the brand. Industry speculation suggests this production adjustment might be in preparation for the launch of the MY2024 Elevate, potentially featuring an upgraded safety package to remain competitive in the market.

MG Astor sales also took a significant hit in April 2024, with sales figures dropping by over 50% compared to the previous month. This decline might be attributed to various factors, including brand strategies, marketing efforts, and potential competition from other models in the segment.

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Citroen’s C3 Aircross continues to struggle for traction in the Indian market. April 2024 sales figures fell short of even reaching the 100-unit mark, highlighting the uphill battle the brand faces in establishing itself within the compact SUV segment.


Q: What was the reason for the decline in compact SUV sales in April 2024?

A: The exact reasons for the decline are not entirely clear, but factors like overall market fluctuations and seasonal variations might have played a role.

Q: Is the compact SUV segment still popular in India?

A: Yes, despite the April 2024 sales dip, the segment remains popular with close to 40,000 units sold. Industry experts expect a potential rebound in the coming months.

Q: Which compact SUV sold the most units in April 2024?

A: The Hyundai Creta remained the segment leader with over 15,000 units sold.

Q: What’s the future outlook for the Maruti Grand Vitara?

A: The significant MoM sales drop for the Grand Vitara in April 2024 requires further analysis. However, the model’s strong performance in previous months suggests potential for recovery.