Are we expecting powerful Chinese video cards in the near future?


But she continues testing her new adapters

Fresh US sanctions affected not only the supply of various GPUs to China. Also on the American blacklist were some Chinese companies, including Moore Threads, which is known for its video cards. There is no exact data, but usually being blacklisted means that a company on it loses access to modern technical processes, since semiconductor manufacturers are prohibited from producing products for such companies. However, for now, Moore Threads does not despair and is preparing for the release of its new video cards. 

video cards
video cards

Are we expecting powerful Chinese video cards shortly?

The company is already testing the MTT S90 model for consumer PCs and the MTT S4000 accelerator for data centers. The devices have device IDs 0301 and 0323 respectively, which may indicate they are 3rd generation Moore Threads GPUs.   

Their characteristics are not yet available, but we can recall that the same MTT S80, although it cannot boast of high performance, is equipped with 16 GB of memory and offers a PCIe 5.0 interface and a GPU with 4096 ALU units. Current graphics cores for Moore Threads are produced by TSMC using the 7 nm process technology. If sanctions do mean the end of the two companies’ collaboration, Moore Threads will have one option in the form of SMIC with its acclaimed 7nm process technology

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