Audi electric cars will allow owners to make money from selling solar energy: prototype is already being tested


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:21 pm

Audi electric cars will allow owners to make money from selling solar energy: prototype is already being tested

Audi decided to create an additional incentive for electric car owners to switch to electric vehicles. This incentive should be the ability to sell the surplus electricity that will generate solar panels in the design of electric vehicles.


Until now, Nissan has shown a clear interest in the so-called Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) or Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) bidirectional charging systems for electric vehicles among the largest automakers. V2H and V2G systems allow you to connect the power grid of an electric vehicle to power electrical appliances at home or, in the second case, to supply electricity to public power grids. In fact, for sale to the government or other subscribers. Naturally, this makes sense only when an electric car can generate electricity itself, for example, using solar panels installed on it.

To test such systems, Audi has created an experimental stand, as stated in a fresh press release. The on-board power circuit of the experimental electric vehicle is directly connected to the “home” junction box and a backup power source with a capacity of 9 kWh. Direct transmission of direct current without conversion significantly reduces losses and leads to increased efficiency of such platforms.

Obviously, owners of home solar installations can immediately and practically at no cost take advantage of this advantage. Such people already have all the necessary infrastructure at home for collecting and using solar energy and are probably familiar with the system of selling surplus to the general grid.

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Audi believes that their proposal will force people to actively deploy solar installations at home, which will be an indirect benefit after the advent of electric vehicles with built-in solar panels. During the day, such an electric car can sell electricity to the network, which is expensive at this time of the day, and at night it will charge batteries from the city power grid at discounted rates. Unfortunately, the commercial readiness of the project has not been reported.

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