AvtoVAZ outlined the release date for a crossover based on Lada Vesta


New AvtoVAZ models will compete with Geely and Haval

AvtoVAZ Vice President for Sales and Marketing Dmitry Kostromin, in an interview with Samara Review, announced more specific dates for the release of a crossover based on Lada Vesta.

He answered a question about current AvtoVAZ models, as well as cars that are planned to be put into production in the next couple of years.

At the end of this year, we will release an experimental batch of electric e-Largus in Izhevsk. In 2024, we are waiting for Vesta with automatic transmission, and also at the end of the year it is planned to start production of a new B-segment family on a global platform. At the end of 2025, the production of a crossover based on Vesta is expected to start. This is a potential bestseller, I think it will be a great car.

Dmitry Kostromin

AvtoVAZ outlined the release date for a crossover based on Lada Vesta


He also confirmed that in the second half of this year, a site in St. Petersburg, which is located at the former Nissan plant, will start working: “It’s too early to say with whom AvtoVAZ will work there – I can only say that it is planned to launch cars in the C-SUV class and D-SUV, as well as the D-class sedan. These are new segments for us, we expect that here we will compete mainly with Geely and Haval. There is no intersection with the current model range.”

In the same interview, Dmitry Kostromin confirmed that so far the plant has nothing to offer young people.

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