AvtoVAZ plans to get closer to the sales result of 2019 based on the results of 2023


The plant plans to deliver more than 40,000 cars in December

AvtoVAZ President Maxim Sokolov said on the sidelines of the People Forum that in December the plant expects to supply dealers with at least 40 thousand Lada cars.

According to the top manager, in this way they will be able to approach the annual sales level of the pre-crisis 2019.

I have no doubt that sales in December will be more than 40 thousand cars. That is, 40 thousand cars will go from the AvtoVAZ site to dealers. This means that, due to the factoring mechanism, AvtoVAZ will already count these cars as sold and will receive money to pay off suppliers and put these funds into an asset along the entire chain.


AvtoVAZ plans to get closer to the sales result of 2019 based on the results of 2023

He recalled the difference between the terms “implementation” and “sale”. In the first case, we are talking about the shipment of cars from the AvtoVAZ site. And the dealers themselves are directly involved in sales.

Yes – we set a goal to sell more than 40 thousand. But even if this figure is not achieved due to cooling of demand, the speed of operation of AvtoVAZ conveyors will not change. And we will produce everything that we have planned according to our plan. And if we produced it, believe me, we will sell it.

In November, AvtoVAZ sold 36,054 Lada passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia. Compared to November last year, sales increased by 65.9%, while November sales were lower than October sales (40,912 cars).

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