Battlefield V Reveals An Easter Egg With An Incredibly Tough Challenge That Will Get a Reward


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:38 pm

Battlefield V Reveals An Easter Egg With An Incredibly Tough Challenge That Will Get a Reward

The author of the YouTube channel JackFrags, which specializes in a variety of shooters, recently showed an interesting “Easter egg” from Battlefield V related to telekinesis. And now he has released a new video on the same topic. The blogger with friends once again researched the DICE game and found a new secret in it. It turns out that the developers hid an Easter egg with a difficult test in their project and prepared a reward for completing it.


As shown in the JackFrags video, players need to type “-…-” into the Battlefield V menu. After that, in the “Joint battles” item there will be access to the “Test” mode (The Challenge). It is an altered Hamada map, with garden gnomes and metal dinosaurs scattered everywhere. To enter the location, you need to assemble a team of four people.

On the map, users need to find bronze plates located in different places. If you stand on each of them, then players can begin to build a staircase high into the sky, where the corresponding marker looms. When they reach a certain point, the fighters will receive headphones and hear the combination given by the Morse code. It needs to be beaten off on the appropriate device, which is also located at the location. This will make it possible to overcome the obstacle with destructible platforms and continue to build the stairs.

In the future, construction will be hampered by bombing from planes, obstacles, mines, and so on. After reaching the finale, users will break the texture of the sky, lightning will start pouring down from above and pterodactyls will appear. This completes the operation, and the reward for this challenge will be a special skin. JackFrags and his comrades took 34 hours to complete the entire process.

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