Before Elon Musk’s statement, Dogecoin transferred $ 844 million


A major transaction took place shortly before the announcement of the Tesla CEO about the sale of products with the company logo for DOGE


On December 15, on the Dogecoin network, a transfer of 5.3 billion “meme” tokens was recorded, the value of which at the time of the transaction was $ 844 million. The transfer was discovered by the WhaleStats analytical service, which tracks large movements of the cryptocurrency.


The transaction took place shortly before Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company would launch its branded products and sell them for Dogecoin. After the businessman’s statement, the altcoin rate rose sharply by more than 20% and exceeded $ 0.20. On December 16, the “meme” token is traded at $ 0.18.

On December 13, in an interview with TIME magazine, the businessman stated that Dogecoin is a more suitable cryptocurrency for payments than Bitcoin. According to the businessman, transactions on the altcoin network are faster and cheaper than transactions with the first cryptocurrency.

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