Google Drive new rules could erase your data


There are many cloud services that through a subscription, free or paid, keep our files in such a way as to store them safely and without the fear of losing them due to the breakage of a physical disk rather than its loss.

One of the most used, especially in the West, is Google Drive which is about to impose new conditions of use. These, as the case may be, will limit the use of files in your cloud space. But not only because, in some situations, but those who do not comply with the new rules will also be blocked.

If someone is identified, the algorithm will mark it according to a precise pattern and will notify it only and exclusively to the owner.

For example, restrictions may prevent you from sharing certain files with other users. Google said this set of new rules will help order the transition between virtual spaces and block potentially dangerous files. In a nutshell, they could even be eliminated and in the event of a serious violation of the rules expel the user from using the Google Workspace services.


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