Best Gacha games and manga graphics for Android and for iPhone


Let’s find out together the best Gacha games (anime manga graphics and characters with skills to unlock) free for Android and iPhone

Among the games that we can download on our phone, we also find the gacha games, which are presented as a mix between classic RPGs and battle and collectible card games. In these games, we can spend virtual and real money to buy new clothes, new weapons, new accessories, new levels, skills to unlock, and even new characters, often spending considerable amounts in terms of Euros.

If we are interested in trying this special category of games in the following guide we will show you the best Gacha games for Android and for iPhone, taking care not to overdo the expense (also keeping under control the payment method associated with the phone, especially if we have children little ones who appreciate gacha games).
Gacha game
Gacha game

What does the Gacha game mean?

The word “Gacha” identifies a game mechanic in which characters, their skills and all accessories are unlocked through monetization (we speak of fake money to be earned during games), collection of points or virtual currency methods.

In the Gacha games, there are many references to Japanese culture and often the characters or the whole game have graphics very similar to that of Japanese manga and anime.

Best Gacha mobile games

Below we can find the best free downloadable gacha games for Android and iPhone. Many of these games require an expense in order to be completed or to be able to continue in the most powerful fights (Pay per Win), but which can be played for free for a long time, offering ample scope for customization, competition and fun even without spending real money. . .

Genshin Impact

One of the best gacha titles that we can play on the phone is Genshin Impact , available for download for Android and for iPhone . The game presents itself as a fantastic RPG where we will control the elementary forces in order to defeat the opposing gods.

The game offers a very simple combat system, a complete character growth system, a free world to explore, great multiplayer mode and a lot of items and weapons to upgrade.

Seven Knights

Another game in gacha style that is very nice graphically is Seven Knights , downloadable from the Google Play Store and from the Apple App Store . In this game we will find a guild-based system: belonging to a guild will allow you to wage multiplayer battles to conquer opposing territories, as well as having to defend yourself from attacks from other guilds.

In addition to multiplayer, it is also possible to play the story mode, play the secondary missions and deepen the history and evolution of the seven knights protagonists of the game. There are obviously all the elements typical of gacha games such as new weapons, new clothes and new powers, which can be unlocked by continuing in the story, by carrying out online fights or by buying what we want directly.

Among the games that should not be missing in the gacha collection on our phone we find Summoners War, available for Android and for iPhone . Summoners War is a game of epic battles in graphically beautiful arenas. In the game we will have to create our combat team and summon monsters, so as to have an undoubted advantage during the most fierce fights.

Also in this case there is no lack of components that characterize the gacha games: it is possible to buy new monsters, new characters and new powers by taking advantage of the points accumulated during the fights or by immediately using the in-app transitions.

Brave Frontier

Another game with a strong RPG component is Brave Frontier, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The game allows you to choose from over 400 heroes with different characteristics and it is possible, by accumulating a good number of fights, to enhance each parameter of your hero or group of heroes, so as to be able to win even the most difficult battles.

The game allows the characters to grow even without spending money, but when the fights become more interesting, the expense is almost mandatory in order to obtain the decisive upgrades for victory. Compared to other games, the Pay per Win component is less, especially at the first game levels. You can have fun for hours without ever having to pay a euro.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Directly from Nintendo one of the best gacha RPGs that you can download on your phone: we are talking about Fire Emblem Heroes, available for Android and for iPhone. The game features all characters from the Fire Emblem universe, with the ability to improve their skills and make them stronger as they accumulate experience points.

The game prefers to accumulate experience through fights, but nothing prevents you from immediately obtaining your weapons, upgrades or your favorite hero by spending money (a feature common to all games in the gacha category).


Those looking for a game different from the classic RPG can focus on DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, available for free download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The game features all the protagonists of the Dragon Ball anime and manga (including Dragon Ball Super), with spectacular and very fun fights to watch and perform with on-screen taps.

Characters can be upgraded to make your favorite character one of the most powerful in the community.

The game allows you to choose the strongest warriors right away, but it’s up to us to upgrade them to the maximum in order to compete with advanced-level ones. Experience can be accumulated by conducting regular online fights, following the story included in the game, or using the internal storage to buy upgrades, new attack types, and more.


Gacha games are great for fighting boredom when we are away from home or we do not know what to do, but we must pay attention to the component of in-app purchases : at some point all the games reported will force you to buy something in order to continue or to be able to win a fight, triggering the Pay per Win effect.

This system can be addictive, especially in minors, so you should always pay close attention, perhaps using a parental control system for this type of app or for transactions to be performed on the phone.

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