Blackpink’s Lisa Takes Center Stage: Global Citizen Festival Announces Solo Headlining Performance


Global Citizen Festival just got a whole lot fiercer! Fresh off the electrifying release of her solo single “Rockstar,” Blackpink’s Lisa is poised to make history as a co-headliner for the 2024 Global Citizen Festival. This marks a monumental moment for the talented rapper and singer, as it will be her first solo performance at a major music festival.

Blackpink's Lisa Takes Center Stage
Blackpink’s Lisa Takes Center Stage

A Star-Studded Lineup Awaits: Global Citizen Festival 2024

The 2024 Global Citizen Festival promises to be a star-studded extravaganza, bringing together a diverse lineup of musical powerhouses. Lisa joins previously announced headliners Post Malone, Doja Cat, Jelly Roll, and Rauw Alejandro, ensuring a night of electrifying performances across various genres. The event will be hosted by the captivating actor Hugh Jackman, further adding to the star power of the evening.

A Festival with a Heart: Global Citizen’s Mission to End Poverty

Beyond the dazzling performances, the Global Citizen Festival carries a powerful message. Organized by the world’s leading international advocacy organization dedicated to ending extreme poverty, the festival aims to use the unifying power of music to drive positive change. Held annually, the festival brings together world leaders, philanthropists, artists, and everyday citizens to raise awareness and advocate for solutions to global issues.

This year’s festival, held on September 28th at the iconic Central Park Great Lawn in New York City, will be timed to coincide with the conclusion of the UN General Assembly. This strategic timing allows the festival to leverage the global spotlight and call upon world leaders to take action towards ensuring basic needs for marginalized communities worldwide. These needs include access to quality education, strong health systems, nutritious food, and crucial immunizations.

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Lisa: From K-Pop Royalty to Solo Superstar

Lisa’s solo festival debut signifies a significant step in her burgeoning solo career. While she has already established herself as a global icon with Blackpink, the world-renowned K-Pop supergroup, this performance marks a new chapter in her artistic journey.

Blackpink, consisting of Lisa and her fellow members Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé, made history in 2023 by becoming the first K-Pop act to headline the prestigious Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Their electrifying performance solidified their position as a global phenomenon.

Now, Lisa embarks on a thrilling solo path. In December 2023, news broke that Blackpink had renewed their contract with YG Entertainment for group activities. However, it was later revealed that all four members would be pursuing individual endeavors outside of the label.

This move led to the formation of Lisa’s own company, LLOUD, which she described as a platform to “showcase my vision in music and entertainment.” Further solidifying her solo ambitions, Lisa announced a partnership with RCA Records in April. This collaboration grants Lisa creative control and allows her to release new solo music under the RCA Records label while retaining ownership of her recordings.

Witness History: How to Earn Free Tickets to the Global Citizen Festival

Tickets to the 2024 Global Citizen Festival offer a unique opportunity to witness history in the making while supporting a worthy cause. The festival remains true to its mission of accessibility by offering free admission to attendees who take action on the Global Citizen app or website.

These actions can involve anything from signing petitions in support of global health initiatives to raising awareness about climate change. Through this innovative system, Global Citizen empowers everyday people to contribute to positive change while enjoying an unforgettable musical experience.

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Be Part of the Movement: Join the Global Citizen Community

Whether you’re a die-hard Blackpink fan eager to witness Lisa’s solo debut or someone passionate about global issues, the Global Citizen Festival offers an opportunity to be part of something special. Download the Global Citizen app or visit their website to learn more about the festival’s mission and take action to earn your free tickets.