Blizzard Cracks Down on Keyboard and Mouse Users in Overwatch 2 Console


Overwatch 2 console players, beware! Blizzard Entertainment has taken a decisive stance against players who utilize keyboard and mouse (KBM) setups on consoles, aiming to level the playing field and ensure a fair competitive environment. This move comes after months of data collection and analysis, addressing a growing concern within the Overwatch 2 console community.

The Unfair Advantage of Keyboard and Mouse

Unlike controllers, keyboard and mouse offer a level of precision and responsiveness that’s difficult to replicate with a gamepad. This translates to a significant advantage in fast-paced shooters like Overwatch 2, where precise aiming and quick reactions are crucial for success. Console players utilizing KBM setups can dominate matches, leaving controller users frustrated and discouraged.

Blizzard Cracks Down
Blizzard Cracks Down

Blizzard’s Stealthy Data Collection

For several seasons, Blizzard has been quietly gathering data on suspected KBM users in the console version of Overwatch 2. This approach allowed them to develop a sophisticated detection system without tipping off those abusing the system. While specific details about the detection methods remain undisclosed, Blizzard emphasizes that the system has been passively collecting and analyzing data for a considerable timeframe.

Permanent Bans on the Horizon

The cloak-and-dagger data collection phase is nearing its conclusion. Blizzard plans to imminently unleash a wave of permanent bans on players identified as utilizing unauthorized peripherals. This firm action sends a clear message: using KBM setups on consoles in Overwatch 2 is a violation of the game’s terms of service and will result in severe consequences.

A Call for Fair Play

The crackdown on KBM users is a positive step towards ensuring competitive integrity in Overwatch 2’s console ecosystem. Blizzard encourages players to stick to controller use for a balanced and fair gaming experience. This move promotes a level playing field where skill and strategy reign supreme, ultimately benefiting all legitimate console players.

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The Road Ahead: Maintaining a Balanced Environment

While the KBM crackdown is a significant step, Blizzard acknowledges the continuous evolution of peripheral technology. The developer assures the community of their commitment to actively monitor and adapt their detection methods to stay ahead of potential exploits. This dedication to fair play is paramount in maintaining a healthy and enjoyable experience for all Overwatch 2 console players.


Q: Why is Blizzard banning the keyboard and mouse on the console?

A: KBM offers a significant advantage over controllers in Overwatch 2, disrupting the balance of the game for console players.

Q: How does Blizzard detect KBM users?

A: The specific detection methods remain undisclosed, but Blizzard confirms they’ve been passively collecting data for several seasons to identify KBM usage.

Q: Will I be banned if I accidentally use a KBM setup?

A: Blizzard hasn’t explicitly addressed accidental use. However, adhering to the official controller-only policy is the safest course of action.

Q: What are the alternatives to KBM on the console?

A: Console players can explore controller customization options and aim to assist settings to improve their skills without resorting to unauthorized peripherals.

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