Breast cancer isn’t just for girls


Breast cancer seen from the male point of view is a little known reality, which requires disclosure so that prevention is not only “female stuff”, and becomes a healthy habit for men as well. In fact, it is estimated that every year, over 500 males are affected by breast cancer in Italy alone.

On Friday 7 January at 6.00 pm, Stefano Saltarelli , 52-year-old from Prato struck three years ago by the disease, will present his autobiographical story in a meeting open to the public ” Breast cancer is not just for girls. A caress can save you “, Phasar Editions.
The book tells with light but detailed tones the therapeutic and above all inner and emotional path that Stefano, flanked by his wife Antonella and his closest loved ones, had to face by dealing with his fears, with the initial disbelief and the lack of knowledge of the illness.

breast cancer for men
breast cancer for men

“I wrote this book – explains Stefano, freelance graphic designer, – in the hope that knowledge and communication will lead men to get information, and many other wives, mothers, sisters to involve their men in this path, so as not to neglect symptoms and risks. “.

The meeting will be moderated by the journalist Patrizia Artico. In addition to the Author, Dr. Marta Prestin, an oncologist at the Gorizia hospital, Dr. Giuseppe Stacul Breast Surgeon – Medical Director at SC General Surgery Gorizia, Nicole Primozic President of the Association Volendo Continue ODV, and Antonella Manganelli, the wife will speak. Stefano, who first discovered her husband’s suspicious lump.

The event will be held at the Kelturni Center Lojze Bratuž, Viale XX Settembre 50 – Gorizia, in compliance with the anti-covid measures in force.
The goal of the appointment is to open an important window on this pathology, observed, for once, from the male point of view, and to remember how much prevention with the early diagnosis are the most important weapons available today to defeat cancer in all its forms.

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