Cadillac unveils custom Lyriq electric car starting at $ 60,000


Cadillac unveils custom Lyriq electric car starting at $ 60,000

In the automotive industry, concepts rarely go to series production, especially in their original form. Fortunately, this comment does not apply to the Cadillac Lyriq electric car, which almost exactly matches the excellent concept shown earlier.

Cuctom Lyriq
Custom Lyriq

The body shape of the production model Cadillac Lyriq 2023 is almost the same as the concept. Cadillac noted that it had to try hard to maintain the previously shown shape. At the front, there are slender headlights and a “grille” that may take inspiration from whalebone. At the rear, there is no difference from the concept, and the two-tiered taillights look unique. Limited to model 2023 steel paint shown in photo and black. The palette will certainly expand in the future.

The dashboard is rife with the latest styles and technologies, from full-size climate vents that blend in better with other dashboards to a large 33-inch display that takes up nearly two-thirds of the entire width of the dashboard. The designers even added a catchy new steering wheel design – it is replete with capacitive buttons and more traditional switches. The lack of a conventional drivetrain means there is a ton of storage space between the seats, as evidenced by the massive tray in the center console, containing cupholders and infotainment controls. Inside, the Lyriq has plenty of room for both the first and second row. The cargo space has a volume of 0.8 m 3, but it can be doubled if the rear seats are folded down.

The Lyriq 2023 is a pure electric vehicle powered by the GM Ultium platform – the same one at the heart of the new GMC Hummer. The Lyriq has a 100 kWh battery. A single permanent magnet motor drives the rear axle, providing approximately 340 horsepower and 440 Nm of torque to drive the 2.5-ton crossover. Cadillac estimates that this is enough to provide the Lyriq with over 500 km of range on a full charge.

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Lyriq supports charging up to 190 kW, so in 10 minutes, the battery will store energy for 120 km of cruising range or more than 300 km in half an hour. However, at home, the best you can count on is the 19.2 kW Cadillac charger, which requires professional installation and provides around 85 km of range per hour of charging. On a more traditional 11.5 kW charger, you can get about 50 km of range per hour spent on charging. In an extreme case, from a standard US 120-volt outlet per hour, you can count on only a paltry 5.5 km.

Lyriq can offer advanced GM regenerative braking and advanced cruise control. Pre-orders for the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq will begin accepting in September 2021, with US deliveries scheduled for the first half of 2022. So far, only the base price has been named – it starts at $ 59,990.

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