Capcom Listens: What Gamers Value Most in Games


Understanding what gamers crave is paramount for any developer hoping to create successful titles. To gain valuable insights into player preferences, Capcom recently conducted a comprehensive survey. The results offer a fascinating glimpse into the desires of the gaming community when it comes to Capcom’s offerings. This article delves deeper into the survey’s findings, analyzing the top features players seek in their Capcom experiences.

Capcom Listens
Capcom Listens

The Crown Jewel: Challenging Gameplay Reigns Supreme

Topping the charts with a resounding 156,870 votes, challenging gameplay emerged as the most coveted feature for Capcom players. This statistic underscores the importance of dynamic and engaging challenges that push players to their limits and offer a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

Gone are the days of simplistic button-mashing; Capcom’s audience craves experiences that demand strategic thinking, skillful execution, and a deep understanding of game mechanics. Whether it’s mastering complex combos in a fighting game like Street Fighter, meticulously planning strategies in a tactical strategy title like Monster Hunter, or overcoming difficult puzzles in a Resident Evil game, the desire for a stimulating challenge reigns supreme.

However, “challenging” doesn’t equate to frustrating. The ideal balance lies in offering a difficulty curve that caters to both seasoned veterans and newcomers. Capcom excels at creating games that offer an initial learning curve that rewards mastery while remaining approachable for new players.

Here are some ways Capcom might deliver on the “challenging gameplay” desire:

  • Innovative Mechanics: Introducing fresh gameplay mechanics that demand players to adapt and refine their strategies.
  • Boss Encounters: Crafting memorable boss fights that test players’ skills and knowledge of the game’s systems.
  • Difficulty Modes: Offering a range of difficulty settings to cater to different player skill levels.
  • Meaningful Progression Systems: Rewarding players for overcoming challenges with meaningful upgrades and unlocks.
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Beyond the Challenge: The Allure of Captivating Characters

Hot on the heels of challenging gameplay, securing 136,283 votes, are unique and engaging characters. This finding highlights the importance of characters who resonate with players, forming a lasting connection that deepens the overall experience.

Capcom has a rich history of crafting iconic characters like Ryu from Street Fighter, Mega Man from the Mega Man series, and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. These characters are not merely pixelated avatars; they are personalities with distinct backstories, motivations, and fighting styles. Players forge a bond with these characters, rooting for them and experiencing their triumphs and tribulations firsthand.

Here’s how Capcom excels at creating captivating characters:

  • Compelling Backstories: Providing well-developed narratives that flesh out characters’ motivations and personalities.
  • Memorable Designs: Crafting visually distinct and recognizable character designs.
  • Character Growth: Allowing characters to evolve and grow throughout the game, building a deeper connection with players.
  • Relatable Personalities: Creating characters with qualities and flaws that players can identify with.

By focusing on these elements, Capcom fosters a sense of camaraderie between players and the characters they control, further enriching the gaming experience.

Weaving a Tapestry: The Power of Unforgettable Stories

Coming in third with 95,449 votes, unpredictable and exciting stories solidify their place as a crucial element for Capcom players. This statistic emphasizes the importance of narratives that captivate and surprise, drawing players into the game’s world and keeping them guessing.

Capcom games are renowned for their thrilling narratives, from the zombie outbreaks in Resident Evil to the global fighting tournaments in Street Fighter. These stories are not mere backdrops; they are integral to the gameplay, providing context for the challenges players face and driving them forward with a sense of purpose.

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Here are some ways Capcom weaves compelling stories:

  • Intricate Plots: Crafting complex narratives with twists and turns that keep players engaged.
  • Memorable Moments: Delivering impactful story beats that leave a lasting impression on players.
  • Well-Developed World Building: Creating detailed and immersive game worlds that enrich the story.
  • Choice and Consequence: Allowing players to make choices that impact the story’s progression.


Q: Does this survey mean Capcom will only focus on difficult games?

A: Not necessarily. While challenging gameplay is a top priority, the survey results emphasize a desire for a well-balanced experience. Capcom will likely continue to cater to players of all skill levels.

Q: Will Capcom prioritize character stories over gameplay mechanics?

A: The survey suggests a healthy balance is key. Capcom excels at weaving compelling narratives that complement engaging gameplay mechanics. Both elements are crucial for a successful Capcom title.

Q: How will Capcom use this data to create future games?

A: The survey results provide valuable insights into player preferences. Capcom will likely utilize this data to inform game design decisions, ensuring they focus on the features players value most.