2024 Renault Duster

The 2024 Renault Duster: Reimagined for Off-Road Adventures


The iconic Renault Duster is gearing up for its third generation, promising a bolder look, upgraded interiors, and exciting powertrain ...

Nissan Magnite

Nissan Magnite Hits 1 Lakh Milestone, Launches NISSAN ONE Web Platform for Enhanced Customer Experience


Nissan India is celebrating a double victory! The compact SUV Nissan Magnite has crossed the impressive sales milestone of 1 ...

Lewis Hamilton set to make shock move to Ferrari from Mercedes in 2025

Lewis Hamilton to Join Ferrari from Mercedes in 2025


Explore the unexpected twist in Formula 1 as Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time World Champion, prepares to bid farewell to Mercedes ...

Porsche 911

Porsche 911 with portal axles rose to a record height of 6734 m

Ruchita Ruchi

The record was recorded on December 2 This heavily modified Porsche 911 rose to an altitude of 6,734 meters above ...

Toyota GR Yaris

Hot mix: Toyota GR Yaris with Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X introduced

Ruchita Ruchi

The car is very different from the standard version Toyota GR Yaris is equipped with a powerful turbocharged engine and ...

Tesla Cybertruck

Here’s why the Tesla Cybertruck won’t come to Europe

Ruchita Ruchi

Explanation from Tesla Lars Moravi, Tesla’s vice president of automotive manufacturing, confirmed to TopGear that the Cybertruck will never make ...

Rivian cars

A cheaper and lighter battery will reduce prices for Rivian cars as early as 2024

Ruchita Ruchi

Below the $70,000 threshold Rivian CFO Claire McDonough announced that the Rivian R1S and R1T will have a new battery ...

Fiat 500e 2024

Fiat 500e 2024 “sings a song to pedestrians”, notifying of its presence

Ruchita Ruchi

From $32,500 The new 2024 Fiat 500e returns to the US after a short hiatus, with a starting price of ...

Volvo EX90 2025

The Volvo EX90 2025 has been introduced – the safest Volvo car, according to the company.

Ruchita Ruchi

From $76,695 The 2025 Volvo EX90 flagship electric crossover goes on sale next year with a starting price of $76,695 ...

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Official: Next-generation Chevrolet Bolt EV coming in 2025

Ruchita Ruchi

Chevrolet Bolt came out in 2016 General Motors has finally confirmed that the next-generation Chevrolet Bolt EV will debut in ...