BMW and Mercedes-Benz

BMW and Mercedes-Benz were also the best among electric vehicles.

Ruchita Ruchi

New Consumer Reports test Consumer Reports, a non-profit organization that has been protecting the interests of consumers since 1936, tested ...


Bracelets were made from the tires of Michael Schumacher’s car, their price is over $10,000

Ruchita Ruchi

The set will include an NFT card A limited edition collection of Legend bracelets from Mongrip has been introduced. The bracelets ...

Mercedes-AMG CLE53

Mercedes-AMG CLE53 2024 presented

Ruchita Ruchi

Sales will begin next year Earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz combined the C-Class coupe and E-Class into the new CLE. On Tuesday, ...

Xiaomi car

The first Xiaomi car was filmed on the track. Pre-orders will begin this month

Ruchita Ruchi

The price has not yet been announced The Xiaomi SU7 electric sedan was spotted testing at the Zhejiang International Circuit ...

Unique Vixen 21 TD motorhome

Unique Vixen 21 TD motorhome from DeLorean DMC-12 designer sold for $23,000

Ruchita Ruchi

It was released in 1987 A unique motorhome Vixen 21 TD, released in 1987, was sold at the popular Bring ...

Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution

A very rare Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution was put up for sale for 1.25 million rubles.

Ruchita Ruchi

A total of 2.5 thousand of these machines were produced An advertisement for the sale of a rare Mitsubishi Pajero ...

Lada Vesta NG

The Lada Vesta NG horn has become quieter. Comparison published

Ruchita Ruchi

In Lada Vesta NG 2022 it sounds louder The Lada.Online website posted a review from another owner of the new ...


AvtoVAZ plans to get closer to the sales result of 2019 based on the results of 2023

Ruchita Ruchi

The plant plans to deliver more than 40,000 cars in December AvtoVAZ President Maxim Sokolov said on the sidelines of ...

Voyah Passion PHEV

Voyah Passion PHEV goes on sale in China

Ruchita Ruchi

An electric version was released earlier Voyah Passion PHEV is a full-size sedan with a mixed range of 1260 km, ...


To increase production volumes, AvtoVAZ will assemble cars on Saturdays

Ruchita Ruchi

From December 9 AvtoVAZ will again work on Saturdays in order to increase production volumes, as reported by the insider ...