Case Cougar DarkBlader X5 offered in three varieties


One of them is equipped with three backlit fans.

Assortment Cougar replenished the case DarkBlader X5, which is offered in three varieties. The CGR-5UM3W-X5 is painted white, the CGR-5UM3TB-X5 is black, and the CGR-5UM3TB-X5-RGB is distinguished from it by three pre-installed 120 mm backlit fans and a backlight controller. The side panel of the body is in all cases made of glass.

Cougar DarkBlader X5
Cougar DarkBlader X5

Case Cougar DarkBlader X5 offered in three varieties

The case dimensions 220 x 486 x 468 mm are designed for motherboards up to E-ATX. It has seven horizontal slots for expansion cards and two vertical ones. Expansion cards up to 400 mm long are placed in the case. The maximum height of the processor cooling system is 170 mm, and the length of the power supply is 180 mm.

The chassis design provides for the installation of two drives size 3.5 inches and two drives size 2.5 inches. The kit includes adapters that allow you to install 2.5-inch drives in the 3.5-inch drive bays.

As for the fans, there are fastening points in front of three 120 mm or 140 mm fan sizes. Three more fans of size 120 mm or two fans of size 140 mm can be installed on top. There are mounting points on the rear wall for one 120 mm fan. As an alternative, front and top can be installed radiators SJO length up to 360 mm, rear – 120 mm.

On the top of the case, you can find three USB 3.0 connectors, including one Type-C connector, and headphone and microphone jacks, as well as power and reset buttons. The source price does not.



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