Caution. Update turns Samsung smartphones into a “brick”


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:00 pm

Its distribution is suspended

Samsung Electronics has stopped distributing a recent Galaxy M31 smartphone software update due to user complaints.

Galaxy M31
Galaxy M31

Caution. Update turns smartphones into a “brick.”

Update for Galaxy M31 came out the other day in India. The update brought the April Android security update but turned out to be unsafe for installation on smartphones. Many users began to complain on social networks and through the Samsung Members application that the update turns smartphones into a “brick”.

The problem turned out to be quite dangerous since Samsung no longer offers firmware with the number M315FXXU1ATD1 “over the air.” Has not yet provided any explanations on the problem of digging.

Although the update can still be installed manually using a PC, downloaded from online databases, now is not the best time to experiment. Indeed, to “revive” an inoperative smartphone in case of problems, you will have to contact the service centre.

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