Chaos Commissioner Battle, CAMP Upgrades & Rewards: Fallout 76 Season 4 Starts April 27


Chaos Commissioner Battle, CAMP Upgrades & Rewards: Fallout 76 Season 4 Starts April 27

The Fallout 76  developers have detailed the fourth season, which begins on April 27. Players will face the confrontation between Armor Ace and Commissioner Chaos on a new playing field, rewards, and regular events.

fallout 76
fallout 76

The season kicks off with the release of the Locked & Loaded update. It will add the ability to create templates (ammunition) of SPECIAL parameters in CAMP, between which you can quickly switch. Also, users will be able to build several different camps using the cell system. Also, daily operations will expand, aiming assistance will appear, and melee attacks will improve.

On the new “Armor Ace in Cold Steel” game board, the hero and the Power Patrol will travel north to fight the Chaos Commissioner and his gang of robotic robots Yukon-5 ( Yukon Five).

Users will receive many rewards for reaching levels (as before, there are a total of 100). These include brand new items, weapon and armor skins, home decorations, and outfits.

More about awards:

  • male and female mannequins in CAMP, on which you can wear your outfits;
  • colors for Yukon-5 power armor;
  • Skins for the Breath of Death Flamethrower, Gatling Plasma, Lever-Action Carbine, and other weapons;
  • items for CAMP – a hive with the ability to collect honey, a chandelier from a branch, new wallpapers, floors, and more;
  • Collectron “Yader-Cola” for CAMP;
  • backpack trinkets in the form of character figures;
  • Tadpole Badges, which can be redeemed for Scout Rewards at the Pioneer Scout Vending Machine;
  • kernels-moonshine without sugar;
  • Bulk beer “Radmuravei,” giving the ability to carry an additional 50 pounds in 30 minutes.
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There will be the usual rewards in the new season – game currency, atoms, resources, and ability cards.

Also, the developers have published an action plan for May, June, and July. It includes CAMP Updates, Double XP Weekends, Purveyor Sales, and other events.

In the coming days (until 19:00 Moscow time on April 19), double SCORE points are awarded for each daily challenge.

The third season, The Scribe of Avalon, began on December 15th and will run until April 27th. On the field of the same name, players must help the time traveler KD Inkwell uncover the secret of the rapid technological growth in the medieval civilization of Avalon.

In March, Bethesda Softworks unveiled the Fallout 76 events calendar for 2021. The fifth season kicks off this summer and will add a final chapter to the Brotherhood of Steel storyline and the ability to craft Legendary items. The sixth, scheduled for autumn, promises “a new milestone in the evolution of open worlds,” and the seventh, winter, will offer to fight “invaders from outside” and will bring four-star weapons and armor.

Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and (in backward compatibility mode) on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and S.

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